Дополнительные материалы 7 класс

Наша коллега, учитель английского языка Екатерина Алейник, работает в 25-й школе г. Гомеля с 2011 года, имеет 2-ю квалификационную категорию, преподаёт в 3-9 классах. Катя поделилась с читателями ForteE своими материалами для 7 класса. Спасибо, Екатерина, надеемся на дальнейшее сотрудничество.

Упражнения по теме «Shopping»

I. Ответьте на вопросы:
1. Do you often go shopping?
2. What shops do you usually go to?
3. What do you buy at a grocery, butchery, perfumery?
4. What dairy products do you know?
5. Where do you go for fish?
6. Which do you prefer: tinned vegetables or fresh vegetables, pickled or green cucumbers?
7. What departments are there in the Belarus store?
8. Is there an escalator in this store?
9. When were you at a big shop last?
10. What did you buy there?
11. Are the prices high in our shops?
12. What is sold at the butcher’s (baker’s, greengro­cer’s)?
13. Where do you buy tea, coffee and sugar?
14. What clothes do you prefer: cotton, woolen, silk or nylon?
15. Do you prefer low or high-heeled shoes for everyday wear?
16. Which method of shopping do you like most of all?

2. Закончите следующие предложения.

1. When you want to buy something…
2. There are different kinds of shops in our city: …
3. A department store is divided into several departments: …
4. In the men’s clothing department you can find …
5. In the women’s clothing department you choose …
6. After you have chosen the thing you …
7. If you need a jacket or a pullover you can go to .
8. Shoes are sold …
9. In a supermarket you can buy …
10. The greengrocery is stocked by …
11. At a dairy you can buy ..

3. Назвать одним словом.

1. What do we call the department (shop) where ready-made clothes (shoes, face creams, milk, meat, bread, vege­tables) are sold?
2. What do we call a place where you do shopping (pay for your goods, try on clothes, the goods are displayed)?
3. What do we call a person who sells goods (does shopping, to whom you pay money in a store)?

Также блогу любезно предоставлен раздаточный материал по трём темам.

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