Famous Sports Figures Today

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Famous Sports Figures Today


to include — включать, охватывать, иметь в своём составе
respective [rı`spektıv] соответственный
relevant [`relıv(ə)nt] a 1) имеющий значение для современности 2) важный, необходимый, нужный (to be not relevant — быть лишним, ненужным)
multiple  [`mʌltıp(ə)l] многократный; многочисленный
to  capture attention — привлечь внимание
NBA — НБА, Национа́льная баскетбо́льная ассоциа́ция, мужская профессиональная баскетбольная лига Северной Америки, в частности, США и Канады.
Whatever the case — какой бы ни была причина
to marry — жениться, выйти замуж
to maintain their star status — сохранять [свой] звёздный статус
pure — чистый, безупречный
celebrity — знаменитость; известность, слава
pall ball — умело обращаться с мячом
got outed — make confidential information public

The most famous sports figures include some of the most popular athletes of all time as well as some of the most talented players ever to compete in their respective sports. These sports legends include NBA stars like Michael Jordan and golf legend (and tabloid star) Tiger Woods. The athletes on this list are among the most popular athletes in the world, though they aren’t all famous for their ability to pall ball. Some may be among the most well-liked athletes in sports, thanks to their charisma, charm, and sense of humor, while others got extra famous from celebrity scandals.

Who are the most famous athletes around? These top athletes found the attention of the public eye and have managed, for the most part, to stay relevant even when they’re not competing. Maybe they won multiple championships. Or married a movie star. Or got outed cheating on their wives. Whatever the case, they managed to capture the attention of the public at large, and have maintained their star status through excellent athletic ability and pure celebrity magnetism.


How much did you understand? Check yourself. Some questions have several answers.

1. What sportsmen are in the list of popularity according to the article?

a) popular athlets
b) talented players
c) NBA stars
d) tabloid stars
e) olympians

2. How did these top athletes manage to capture public attention?

a) they won multiple championships
b) they married a movie star
c) they got outed cheating on their wives
d) they won gold medals at Olympics

3. Who are Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods?

a) sports legends
b) NBA stars
c) movie stars
d) golf legends
e) tabloid stars

4. Who is the man in the picture?

Popular Belarusian sportspersons

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