Superstitions of Mikhailovsky Public Garden

Watch the document

Check your understanding. Say if the sentences are true or false.

1. There are three beautiful sculptures in Mikhailovsky Public Garden.
2. Mikhailovsky Public Garden is not far from Central Railway Station.
3. Minsk citizens like Mikhailovsky Public Garden and its statues.
4. Minsk citizens are superstitious.
5. The statue A Guy Asking for a Light Up has a tragic history.
6. A Girl with an Umbrella was the first statue of Zhbanov put up in Minsk.
7. The bronze lady now sits on a bench in Mikhailovsky Public Garden asking passers-by for a penny.
8. A Girl with an Umbrella is the author’s response to a tragedy at Nemiga Metro Station.
9. A Girl with an Umbrella is often called «Minsk Assol».
10. If you hold An Unknown Lady’s hand before a trip, your trip will be successful.

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