Prefix re-

Theory. Study the examples:

rearrange перестраивать, переделывать
reproduce воспроизводить
redo переделать
remake переделывать, делать заново
repeat повторить
rewind перемотать
reboot перезагрузить
resell перепродавать
react ре­а­ги­ро­вать,вызывать (ответную) реакцию
recollect вспом­нить
recover вы­здо­ро­веть,вновь обретать
remember вспоминать, припоминать
remind на­по­ми­нать
rename пе­ре­име­но­вать
repeat по­вто­рить
return воз­вра­щать­ся
reconstruct перестраивать, реконструировать 2. восстанавливать, воссоздавать
reeducate перевоспитывать
rejoin воссоединяться
reform реформировать, улучшать
retrace возвращаться по пройденному пути
recede возвращать захваченное
reopen открываться вновь, возобновляться
refill наполнять вновь
reappoint вновь назначить
redress исправлять, восстанавливать, возмещать
renew обновлять; восстанавливать, реставрировать
reiterate повторять; делать снова и снова

Practice. Do the exercise:

After some time he was reappointed chief engineer.
Could you remind Paul about dinner on Saturday?
He buys up run-down properties, fixes them up and resells them.
How did your parents react when you told them you were going to marry Jim?
I don’t remember signing a contract.
I have decided to rewrite my biography!
If you bring your empty bottles back to the store, we can refill them.
It is difficult to reproduce a signature exactly.
It is not possible to reconstruct the complete symphony from these manuscript sketches.
Just as I started to think that I was never going to get well, the illness began to recede
Let me reiterate the most important points.
Let’s hope we don’t have to redo our paperwork.
New Amsterdam was renamed New York in the 17th Century.
Plans to reform the health care system have failed more than once.
She remade her wedding dress to fit her daughter.
She suddenly recollected (that) she had left her handbag in the restaurant.
She tried to reboot her computer after it froze.
Some historians think that history repeats itself.
Sorry, could you repeat that? This is a very bad connection.
The doctors say that it will take him a few weeks to recover.
The museum has reopened after nearly two years of reconstruction
The new TV broke so they returned it to the shop.
The original drummer left the band in 2000 but rejoined two years later.
They are hoping to retrace the epic voyage of Christopher Columbus.
We need to reeducate the workers who lost their jobs when the factory closed.
We want to redress some of the injustices of the past.
Will you rewind the tape so we can hear it again?
You should renew the water in the fish tank once a week.
The new sofa was bigger than the old one, so they had to rearrange the rest of the furniture.

Keys: the answers are in white.


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