Form 7. Topic «My English Classes»


Let me tell you about my English classes.

I live in Uritskoye and go to a village school. There are a lot of subjects on my timetable. English is one of them.

I began learning English in the third form and started with the ABC. We listened to the teacher, played games, sang songs and learnt some English words. It was great fun.

I am a pupil of the 7th form now. This year I have my English classes three times a week. We do all kinds of activities at our English lessons: learn new words, read and translate texts, ask and answer questions, make up stories, act out dialogues, recite poems.

I am good at reading, but listening to recordings is difficult for me. Listening is important to understand native speakers, and I work hard to improve my knowledge. I try to communicate with my teacher and my classmates in English, watch films in English, listen to English songs, learn poems and dialogues by heart.

I also do different tasks on our distance learning site and I can say that every time I do it better and better.

I’d like to be able to speak English fluently in future.

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