Form 8. Conversion exercise

Упражнение на закрепление темы Конверсия в 8 классе (Unit 2 Lessons 1-2). Теория по теме здесь.

Define the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective) of the words in bald.

The water in the lake is so clear that you can see the bottom.
I have clear memories of visiting my grandfather’s farm as a child.
On a clear day you can see the mountains from here.
I’ll make the coffee if you’ll clear the table.
If you use this nasal spray, your nose should clear a bit.
The police fired into the air to clear the demonstrators from the streets.
I need to get some fresh air to clear my head (= to make me able to think well) .


Get me a glass of water.
A water pistol is a small toy gun which shoots out water.
He went out to water the plants.
There are many kinds of water bird.
A water lily is a plant with large flat leaves and colourful flowers which floats on the surface of lakes and rivers.
I like swimming but I don’t like getting my head under water.
I’ve asked my neighbour to water the plants while I’m away.


The air was thick with cigarette smoke.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Someone came out for a smoke.
Breathing in other people’s cigarette smoke is bad for you.
I heard a loud bang and then saw black smoke.
He used to smoke forty cigarettes a day.
A smoke alarm or a smoke detector is a device fixed to the ceiling of a room which makes a loud noise if there is smoke in the air, to warn people.


Her first name was Mary.
They changed the name of the street.
Can you name all the flowers in the garden?
I don’t even know if Sullivan’s his real name.
If you name someone or something after another person or thing, you give them the same name as that person or thing.
Some parents chose to name their children after characters from the show.
David Bowie is the stage name of the singer David Jones.


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