Articles with names of meals

Form 8 Unit 3 Lesson 4

Articles with Names of Meals

1) Существительные, обозначающие приёмы пищи, не имеют артикля, если они употреблены в своем абстрактном значении, называя приёмы еды и ассоциируясь со временем: to have (take, serve, cook, prepare), breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea.

Lunch is at 12 o’clock.
Tea is laid on the coffee table.
What shall I cook for supper?

2) Неопределенный артикль употребляется, если у существительного есть описательное определение.

Let’s have an early supper tonight.
We had a late dinner.
A potluck dinner is a dinner when everyone has to bring a dish.

3) Определенный артикль употребляется с данными существительными, если есть ситуация, контекст, лимитирующее определение или же имеется в виду сама еда.

The dinner you cooked was great!
How much did you pay for the lunch?
Don’t burn the dinner again, Jane!

Скачать правило

Fill in the correct article where necessary

1. What do you want for ___ breakfast?
2. Jane never eats ___ breakfast.
3. She arrived shortly after ___ breakfast.
4. He usually goes jogging for half an hour before ___ breakfast.
5. I have toast and marmalade for ___ breakfast.
6. I’m never hungry enough for ___ full breakfast.
7. Shall we meet somewhere for ___ lunch?
8. We had ___ pub lunch.
9. He managed to eat ___ big ___ lunch despite having eaten ___ enormous ___breakfast.
10. Shall I heat up some soup for ___ lunch?
11. ___ packed lunch is food, for example sandwiches, which you take to work, to school, or on a trip and eat as your ___ lunch.
12. We usually have ___ tea at about 5.30 p.m., then ___ supper before we go to bed.
13. They had ___ early ___ supper before going to the theatre.
14. At five o’clock he comes back for his ___ tea.
15. I’d love a cup of ___ tea, please.
16. How do you like your ___ tea — strong or weak?
17. ___ tea is very hot, so sip it carefully.
18. Could I have two cups of ___ coffee and ___ tea, please?
19. A cup of ___ tea can be referred to as ___ tea.
20. How much did you pay for ___ dinner?
21. They had ___ delicious ___ lunch at the cafe.
22. How many people will be present? How much wine shall we have for ___ supper?
23. When ___ tea is ready, we shall call you.
24. People have ___ brunch at 11 o’clock.

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