Form 8 Unit 4. А New Coat for Anna

Additional materil to Form 8 Unit 4 Money

A New Coat For Anna by Harriet Ziefert 

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Exercise 1 Choose the correct variant

Anna wanted/needed a new coat but/so they didn’t have any money so/but Anna’s mother decided to give away some of her valuable possession to get Anna a new coat. Anna finally/one day got her new coat.


Exercise 2 Match the words with their definitions

1.       fuzzy a)       a model or guide for something to be made
2.       card b)      a person who weaves cloth, carpets, or baskets
3.       untangle something that is knotted c)       the hair that grows on sheep and on some other animals
4.       lingonberry d)      to cut hair off
5.       weaver e)      having a covering that feels soft and like fur
6.       tailor f)        edible red berry, used to make sauces, jams, and preserves
7.       wool g)       a hard, red, yellow, or green shiny stone that is used in making jewellery
8.       shear h)      to comb out or brush with a card
9.       pattern i)        very fine china or dishes
10.   garnet j)        undo the knots in something
11.   porcelain k)       a person who cuts and sews clothing


Exercise 3 Put the sentences into the correct order

A.      Anna needs a new coat. 1.       A
B.      They take the yarn to a weaver. 2.
C.      After picking up the coat, Anna looks at herself in all the windows as they walk home. 3.
D.      Anna and her mother invite everyone that helped make Anna’s coat to Christmas dinner. 4.
E.       Anna and her mother dye the yarn red. 5.
F.       They go to see a farmer to get wool. 6.
G.      Anna’s mother has no money and the stores are empty. 7.
H.      They go to a woman with a spinning wheel to turn the wool into yarn. 8.
I.         They take the cloth to a tailor and trade a teapot to get the cloth made into a coat. 9.
J.        Anna’s mother decides to give some things away to get Anna a new coat. 10.


Exercise 4 Match the family valuables with the things they were traded for

What things did Anna’s mother trade to get a coat for Anna?
Anna and her mom traded a gold watch to get the cloth made into a coat.
They traded a necklace for the wool.
They traded a porcelain teapot for spinning the wool.
They traded a beautiful lamp to get the yarn woven into cloth.


Exercise 5  Why / Because

Eg: Why did Anna need a new coat? Because her old one was too small for her.


  1. Why could Anna’s mother not buy her a coat when the war ended? Because …
  2. Why did mother decide to give her valuable belongings away? Because/So …
  3. Why did Anna and her mother go to see a farmer? Because …
  4. Why did Anna and her mother go to see an old woman that had a spinning wheel? Because ….
  5. Why did the old woman say to come back when the cherries were ripe? Because ….
  6. Why did Anna and her mother pick lingonberries? Because …
  7. Why did Anna and her mother go see the weaver? Because ….
  8. Why did Anna and her mother go see a tailor? Because ….
  9. Why did Anna keep looking in the store windows? Because ….
  10. Why did Anna’s mother invite the farmer, the spinner, the weaver, and the tailor to their Christmas celebration? Because …



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