Form 8 Unit 4 Vocabulary

Упражнения на закрепление лексики к Form 8 Unit 4 Money.

Exercise 1.

Choose the correct variant

1. I’ve just had to save/earn/pay £10 for a parking fine.

2. The policeman was speaking to HQ on his walkie-talkie/purse/wallet.

3. Try to lend/save/waste some money for your holiday.

4. We brought some change/shells/credit cards home from the beach.

5. One British euro/pound/lira is divided into a hundred pence.

6. How much did you earn/pay/borrow for the tickets?

7. Most EU states have crossed the Rubicon and adopted the dollar/rouble/euro.

8. Could you convert/change/pay for a £10 note (for two fives), please?

9. It’s not fine/financial/fair that she’s allowed to go and I’m not!

10. All right, I’ll lend/save/fine you the money.

11. I keep dollars/euros/pennies and other small coins in a jar.

12. Some parents think that pocket money/cash/credit cards can teach children to be responsible with money.

13. We were too expensive/rich/poor to buy new clothes.

14. You waste a lot of water by having a bath instead of/walkie-talkie/cash machine a shower.

Exercise 2

Choose the correct variant

1. Citrus fruits are ___ in vitamin C.
a) rich
b) expensive
c) poor
d) extra
2. The ___ is the unit of money of Russia.
a) lira
b) dollar
c) euro
d) rouble
3. I ___ $80,000 a year.
a) carry
b) change
c) pay for
d) earn
4. The ___ was the unit of money in Italy that was replaced by the euro.
a) euro
b) dollar
c) pound
d) lira
5. I decided not to ___ money on a hotel.
a) earn
b) pay for
c) change
d) waste
6. He pulled out a big fat ___ stuffed with bank notes.
a) purse
b) stuff
c) token
d) wallet
7. Rolls Royces are very ___.
a) poor
b) cheap
c) expensive
d) financial
8. We’ll have to carry all our camping ___.
a) purse
b) token
c) stuff
d) shells
9. He punished the class by giving them ___ work.
a) financial
b) expensive
c) extra
d) fair
10. Julie opened her handbag and took out her ___.
a) wallet
b) shell
c) stuff
d) purse
11. Is there any hope of getting ___ support for the project?
a) pocket money
b) fine
c) change
d) financial
12. She ___ a lot of money on clothes.
a) earns
b) pays
c) changes
d) spends
13. A ___ is a round flat piece of metal or plastic that is sometimes used instead of money.
a) walkie-talkie
b) token
c) pence
d) pound
14. My dad always used to carry a lot of small ___ (= coins) in his pocket.
a) pence
b) pound
c) change
d) credit cards


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