Form 8 U1L5

План-конспект урока 5 Unit 1 в 8 классе на базе шаблона-образца+тест+видео к уроку. Моя тема урока может не совпадать с темой, указанной в Примерном КТП.


Fill in the missing words:  washed linked borders called located separated built made (2)

  1. The UK is _____ on the British Isles.
  2. The country is ___ from the continent by the English Channel and is ___ by the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. The narrowest part of the English Channel is ___the Straight of Dover.
  4. The British Isles are ___ of 136 inhabited islands.
  5. The United Kingdom is ___ to the continent by the Channel Tunnel.
  6. The Channel Tunnel was ___beneath the English Channel.
  7. The Tunnel was ___ at 40 m below the sea bed.
  8. The UK ___ only on the Republic of Ireland.




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