The Giant’s Causeway. Listening

Разработка к уроку восприятия и понимания речи на слух 8 класс (1 четверть, Unit 1, The UK). Разработка включает в себя предтекстовые и послетекстовые задания.

Form 8 Unit 1

The Giant’s Causeway


Before listening

I. Read the proper names:

Finn McCool, Oonagh [u:nₔ], Benandonner, the Bishop of Londonderry,

the County of Antrim, the Giant’s Causeway, a World Heritage Site, UNESCO, a Natural Nature Reserve

II. Match the English phrase with its translation:

1.     breathtaking beauty a)     cеверо-восточная часть
2.     greatest wonders b)    колебаться от___до
3.     north-eastern part c)     вулканическая деятельность
4.     how it was formed d)    поросший густым лесом
5.     ranged from_to e)     захватывающая красота
6.     amazing symmetry f)      величайшие чудеса
7.     volcanic activity g)    поразительная симметрия
8.     cooling lava h)    как он образовался
9.     brought knowledge i)       ледниковый период
10. ice age j)       считается
11. densely forested k)    застывающая лава
12. it is believed l)       поделился знаниями

III. Translate the sentences:

  • At fifty-two feet six inches, which is more than 17 metres, he was a small giant.
  • So Finn decided to build a causeway (a bridge) out of huge stones across the water, as no boat at their time was large enough to hold a giant.
  • And she knew that fights aren’t always won on the basis of size and strength.
  • If the child was that big, how much bigger might Finn be?

After listening

I. True or false?

  1. The Giant’s Causeway is located in the County of Antrim in Northern Ireland.
  2. The Giant’s Causeway was discovered by the Bishop of Londonderry in 1694.
  3. Scientists were puzzled by the amazing symmetry of thousands of columns.
  4. An Englishman explained that the Giant’s Causeway was the result of volcanic activity.
  5. The first people who saw the Giant’s Causeway 10,000 years ago were the hunters and gatherers who settled in the area after the last ice age.

II. Choose the correct variant:

1. What was the name of the giant who built the causeway?

a) Finn McCool

b) Oonagh

c) Benandonner

2. Why couldn’t Benandonner come and fight Finn McCool?

a) He used to shout

b) There was sea between them

c) He couldn’t swim

3. Why did Finn McCool fall asleep?

a) He was tired

b) He wanted to store some energy

c) It was night.

4. How big was Benandonner?

a) Much bigger than Fin McCool

b) As big as Finn McCool

c) As big as Finn McCool’s child

5. What did Oonagh do when she heard the sound of huge footsteps and saw the Scottish giant?

a) She fell asleep.

b) She covered her sleeping husband with a dress and a hat.

c) She shouted at the Scottish giant.

6. Why did Benandonner panic?

a) He got afraid of McCool’s wife.

b) He was surprised when he saw the Giant’s Causeway.

c) He took sleeping McCool for his child and was terrified that the child was too big.

7. Why did Benandonner destroy the causeway on his way back to Scotland?

a) He didn’t like it.

b) He didn’t want Finn McCool to follow him.

c) He was furious that he didn’t win.

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