Form 8. Listening. Afterschool Activities

Видео и тест к уроку 17 в 8 классе «Когда заканчиваются уроки». Некоторые фразы в видео звучат с ошибками, например do football, в тесте я их не изменяла. Можете задать вопрос ученикам, что не так с do/play sports.

Watch the video and do the test. Choose one or several answers.
1. What does Rosie do after school?
a) goes to the swimming pool
b) watches TV
c) goes home
d) talks to her friends
2. What does Anisah do after school?
a) plays with her little kitten
b) goes home
c) talks to her friends
d) does homework
3. What does Anuli do after school?
a) she plays computer games
b) she goes swimming
c) she goes home and does her homework
d) she visits her friends
4. What sports does Rosie do?
a) She plays volley-ball
b) She plays netball
c) she does football
d) gymnastics
e) tennis
5. Does Anisah do gymnastics after school?
a) No.
b) Yes.
6. What sports does Anuli like?
a) swimming
b) running
c) jumping
d) cycling
7. Does Rosie like to write her own stories?
a) No.
b) Yes.
8. What is Anisah’s favourite hobby?
a) doing sports
b) jogging
c) doing gymnastics
d) running
9. What does Anuli love?
a) reading
b) cooking
c) writing
d) playing the guitar
10. At weekends Rosie ***.
a) goes to a drama school
b) goes to the swimming pool
c) hangs around with her friends
11. At weekends Anisah goes ***.
a) to a dance school
b) to see her friend
c) to see her Granny
d) to see her cousin and auntie
12. Anuli goes out with her *** and goes to a drama school at weekends.
a) friends
b) parents
c) relatives
d) teachers

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