Boarding Schools in the UK. Listening Test

Видео и тест на контроль понимание прослушанного/просмотренного по теме «Boarding Schools in the UK», 8 класс, 1 четверть, раздел 2.

1. In grand   ______ walls young people live, work and   ______together.


a) mysterious /study

b) respectable /socialize


2. Who is Badminton School in Bristol for?


a) It is for boys.

b) It’s a co-educational school.

c) It is for girls.


3. The girls in this school feel …. .


a. secure and comfortable

b. safe and comfortable


4. Can pupils from Russia study in Bruton school?


a. Yes.

b. No.


5. Schools for girls have very positive effect on academic performance of the pupils.


a. False.

b. True.


6. Boarding schools in England ______ artistic talents of their pupils.


7. D’Overbroeck’s college is based in Oxford, so the students have the advantage of using the resources and _____ of the prestigious Oxford University.


8. Students and teachers are very ___.

a. kind

b. friendly

c. clever


9. Why don’t all pupils return home straight away after leaving school?


a. They continue studying at universities.

b. They have no money to buy a ticket.


10. Do teachers and school leavers come in touch?

Выберите один или несколько ответов:


a. Yes.

b. They are invited to visit school.

c. Former students send their children to the same school.

d. No.


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