Good friends are like stars

Материал к уроку 19, 9 класс. Может быть использован для введения лексики на предтекстовом этапе (Lesson 6, Ex. 2a p.37).

Read and guess the meaning of the words in bald

secret, a secret — secrets, keep a secret, tell smb a secret. Can you keep a secret? Can you promise to keep a secret? I have been trying to keep a secret about my friend’s boyfriend for a long time now.

gossip – неисч. information about the behavior and personal lives of other people. Have you heard the latest gossip? a gossip —  casual and idle chat ⇒ to have a gossip with a friend, a good gossip, a gossip about the neighbours. We had a good gossip about the boss. Jane and Lyn sat in the kitchen having a good gossip about their friends. The magazine was full of gossip about famous people.  to gossip, to gossip with smb about smb/smth People have started to gossip about us.

care, care for, care for a friend, care for each other. Jane spent years caring for her sick aunt. (syn. looked after) He really cared for her. syn. loved (as a friend)

interrupt, interrupt somebody, to interrupt a lecture with a question. Rain interrupted our baseball game. The baby interrupted me while I was on the phone. Don’t interrupt me when I am busy.

hang out If you hang out in a particular place or area, you go and stay there for no particular reason, or spend a lot of time there. I don’t know why he hangs out with James, they’ve got nothing in common.They enjoyed hanging out with each other when they were kids.

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