Potluck party

Form 8. Unit 3. Meals.

Ex. 2b p.83 Дополнительные упражнения к тексту

Exercise 1. Match the two columns

         1.      a potluck dinner A.  разогрев
         2.      soon B.  иностранный
         3.      get together C.  блюдо
         4.      meet D.  правила
         5.      a dish E.   родина
         6.      possible F.   общий ужин
         7.      home countrу G.  собираться вместе
         8.      foreign H.  заранее
         9.      rules I.   скоро
      10.       in advance J.   знакомиться
      11.       reheating K.  возможный


Exercise 2. Complete the sentences

national  rules  a bit of  popular  easy  draniki  a dish  beef  reheats  in advance

  1. Potluck parties or potluck dinners are very *** in Great Britain.
  2. Everyone brings ***.
  3. Usually people prepare *** dishes.
  4. A traditional Belarusian dish is ***
  5. Potluck parties have got ***.
  6. You should prepare your dish ***.
  7. In the kitchen nobody cooks, only ***.
  8. The dishes should be *** to transport.
  9. One of the rules is to eat *** everything.
  10. Shepherd’s pie is made with mutton or ***.

Exercise 3. Translate the words in brackets

  1. We are going to have a (вечеринка, на которую каждый приносит еду) soon.
  2. Potluck dinners are (очень популярны) in Britain.
  3. People (собираются вместе), meet new people or see old friends.
  4. Very often the dishes show what people eat (у себя на родине).
  5. There are some (правила) for those who organize potluck parties.
  6. All dishes should be prepared (заранее).
  7. Nobody should cook in the kitchen, only put their dishes in the oven (чтобы разогреть).



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