Form 8. The World Bog Snorkelling Championship

Текст для чтения к разделу 6 учебного пособия для 8 класса по теме «Sport Traditions»

World Bog Snorkelling Championship — нажмите, чтобы открыть текст


1. Read and remember
hardy — выносливый
don — надевать
bog — болото, трясина
snorkel — дыхательная трубка (для подводного плавания)
weed-infested — полный водорослей
flippers — ласты
plunge — нырять
peat — торф
claim the honours — претендовать на награды
are declared – объявляются
2. Match the words with their translation

1.     hardy a)     надевать
2.     don b)    дыхательная трубка
3.     bog c)     торф
4.     snorkel d)    ласты
5.     weed-infested e)     претендовать на награды
6.     flippers f)      нырять
7.     plunge g)    выносливый
8.     peat h)    объявляются
9.     claim the honours i)       полный водорослей
10. are declared j)       болото, трясина

3. Read the text and fill in the missing information
1. Over ___ competitors took part in the World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales on Sunday.
2. The championships are held _________.
3. This year’s conditions were hardly ideal for top bog snorkelling with ______.
4. The event started as a _____ 30 years ago but now it has grown over.
5. Competitors must pay ____, don a _____ and ____.
6. They plunge into the ____ channel in the peat bog.
7. The fastest _____ and _____ are declared the winners.
8. The world’s record in bog snorkelling is ______.

4. Answer the questions
1. Where did the snorkelling championship take place?
2. How many competitors took part in the competition of 2015?
3. What was the weather like that day?
4. The event started as a charity event, didn’t it?
5. What are the requirements for the competition?
6. What is the length of the channel?
7. Do men and women participate in separate categories?
8. What is the world’s record in snorkelling?

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