Means of Communication. Lesson 1

Материал к Lesson 1 Unit 8 Form 9 по теме «Means of Communication».

Прежде всего обратимся у непонятному упражнению 2а на стр. 207 и заменим его своим упражнением (the answers are in white):

 Group 1  Group 2 Group 3  Answer
 the Internet  1969
 light bulb  1906
 telephone  1876
 refrigerator  1850
 braille  1829
 thermometer  1593
 microscope  1590
 printing  1440
 paper 100 
wheel ~3,500 BC

• Draw this grid on the board.
• These are 10 important inventions. We are going to play a game. Guess the year of each invention. Work together in groups to reach a majority decision. The time is limited to 10 minutes.
• Then a member of each group goes up to the board to write in the information.
• Write the answers.
• Award points to find the winning group: 1 point for the group that writes the nearest year, 2 bonus points for an exact year.
• Students write 3 sentences about the invention they consider most important:
— What is it?
— When was it invented?
— Why do you think it is the most important invention?

Adapted from:

Далее переходим к грамматике Grammar focus, читаем текст, делаем вывод об употреблении артиклей.

Читаем новые слова из упр. 2с стр.208 (фонетика) и переходим к тесту ниже:

Перейти к тесту

В заключение выполняем упр. 4а стр. 209


braille* — шрифт Брайля (для слепых)

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