Appearances are deceptive. Form 7

First of all, ask your pupils which is more important: appearance or character. Listen to their answers. Let them all answer.

Then let them watch the video and ask to describe the two men. You may write the description with blanks on the blackboard or you may not. It depends on the group.

Discuss the video. Ask pupils to prove that appearances are deceptive.


Don’t judge people by their appearances. Не судите о людях по внешности.

Watch the video, describe both men and say, why you can’t judge people by their appearances. Посмотрите видео, опишите обоих мужчин и поясните, почему нельзя судить о людях по их внешности. Напишите до 10 предложений.

The first man is tall and fit. Нe has got short dark hair, brown eys and a long black beard. His clothes are long and dark. He looks serious and a bit frightening. He looks like a terrorist.

The second man is not very tall. He has got short fair hair, he is smart and hansome. He looks like a businessman. He looks kind.

The first man is a good father. He loves his family and his family love him. The second man is a drug dealer, a criminal.

Appearances are deceptive.

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