Form 10 Unit 1 Lexical Test

Задания тематического контроля для 10 класса по теме About Myself составлены учителем английского языка гимназии №1 г. Любани Пожарицкой Вероникой Сергеевной.

Form 10 Unit 1 Lexical Test

      I.    Fill in the missing words

1.     co_ _o_
2.     ou_go_ _g
3.     b_o_s_
4.     f_nk_
5.     r_as_n_bl_
6.     st_b_or_
7.     v_l_nt_ _r
8.     pr_v_d_
9.     a_ol_g_se
10. a_ce_t_r

   II.            Translate the words into English

1.     предназначенная для разогревания в микроволновой печи
2.     автобиография
3.     экскурсия учащихся
4.     ожидать с нетерпением
5.     заглянуть, заскочить
6.     пожилой гражданин, пожилой человек
7.     худой, тощий
8.     девиз, лозунг
9.     искренний, откровенный, открытый
10. зайти в интернет

III. Match the definitions

1 reason a become husband and wife
2 to set oneself apart b a friend or a person you work with
3 marry c to speak to a god either privately or in a religious ceremony in order to express love, admiration or thanks or in order to ask for something
4 on one’s own d the cause of an event or a situation
5 mate e an answer
6 text f very great
7 pray g to show to be different from something else, especially by having a particular good characteristic
8 reply h a building designed to give protection from bad weather, danger, attack
9 shelter i to send a text message on the phone
10 total j alone


IV. Translate and fill in the missing words

жду с нетерпением, зайду, герой, сидит в, побеседовал,  тощая, девиз, откровенным, произнесите, родился
  1. My grandfather has planted this tree when I ________ and it is as tall as me now.
  2. The soldier acted like a real ________.
  3. He ______ the net for three hours each evening.
  4. Would you _______ your last name, please?
  5. Listen, I’ll ________one day and look at your painting, eh?
  6. I had a pleasant ______ with them about our new grandchildren.
  7. After a busy day at work, I _______ to some downtime at home.
  8. “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” is my _______.
  9. Kate was tall, _______, and brown, though perfectly healthful.
  10. It is possible to be ______ without being rude.

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