Form 7 Unit 2 Lexical Test

Задания тематического контроля для 7 класса по теме «Shopping» составлены учителем английского языка гимназии №1 г. Любани Пожарицкой Вероникой Сергеевной.

Form 7, Unit 2

I. Fill in the missing letters

en_ _ _h
tr_  _n
tr_ _ n_rs
de_ar_me_ _  st_r_

II. Translate the words

    1. тесный
    2. примерять
    3. список покупок
    4. манекенщица
    5. с тех пор как
    6. размер
    7. достаточно
    8. нарядный
    9. кроссовки
    10. в течение
    11. аптека
    12. мода
    13. стиль
    14. продукт
    15. рекламировать

Write the conversations in the correct order

The first conversation

— Oh, OK. Can I try it on?
— Yes, please. The changing rooms are over there.
— How much is this T-shirt? I can’t find the price.
— Yes, of course. How can I help?
— Excuse me. Could you help me, please?
— Er, let me have a look. Here it is. It’s £14.

The second conversation

  — Medium. Would you like to try it on?
  — Yes, please.
  — Oh, it suits you perfectly.
  — What is the jacket made of?
  — Really? Ok, then. I’ll buy it.
  — What size is it?
  — Excuse me. How much does this jacket cost?
  — It’s £120.
  — It’s made of leather.

IV. Match up the shop with the appropriate goods

1 bookshop a a loaf of bread, rolls, long loaf
2 newsagent’s b a bouquet of roses, lilies, flowers
3 bakery c a packet of painkillers, pills, medicine
4 butcher’s d a gold necklace, a diamond ring, pendent
5 greengrocer’s e a magazine, a newspaper, greeting card
6 chemist’s f hairspray, a bottle of perfume, hand cream
7 florist’s g books, novels,
8 department store h fruits, vegetables, apples
9 hair and beauty salon i lamb chops, ham, sausages
10 jeweller’s j leather suitcase, a woolen skirt, a clock
11 antique shop k shampoo, products, household chemicals
12 supermarket l an old clock, bric-a-brac(безделушки),silver bell


V. Translate the words in brackets
1. You should always (примерять) the clothes before you buy them.
2. How long have you been working as a (модель)?
3. What (размер) do you need?
4. Do you make a (список покупок) when you go to the market?
5. This coat is (слишком) expensive and too traditional.
6. The weather is warm (достаточно) to go for a walk.
7. The (деньги) is on the table.
8. Jim has just bought a pair of dark blue (кроссовок).
9. Kate is wearing a (тесный) jacket.
10. They are very (старомодные).

VI. Read the text and fill in the words

cash desk (касса), window, greengrocer’s, shoplifting (магазинная кража), goods, grocer’s, butcher’s, departments, self-service, baker’s, jeweller’s, price, bill, shoe shop, wraps up (тепло одеваться), buy, salesmen, bookshop

When we want to 1.___________ something, we must go to the shop where it is sold. In the shop 2._____________ we see what is sold in the shop. Sugar, tea, coffee, salt, pepper, ham, bacon, and so on are sold at the 3.________________. Bread is sold at the 4._______________, meat at the 5._________________. We go to the 6.___________________ for vegetables and fruit. We buy boots and shoes at the 7.____________ . We buy books at the 8.______________ and jewellery and watches at the 9._____________. The salesman or salesgirl stands behind the counter. We ask the salesman: “How much is this?” or “What is the price of that?” He tells us the 10.______________ . He gives us the 11.__________. At the 12.___________ we give the money and the bill to the cashier who gives us a check and our change. The salesman 13.________________ the goods and gives them to us. We put them in our bag. Some shops have many 14. ______________ . We can buy nearly everything we need there. In some shops there are no 15.___________, but only cashiers. The customers choose the 16.___________ they want and pay at the cash desk. These are called 17.____________________ shops. If someone tries to take things from a shop without paying they are almost certain to be caught. 18.___________________ is considered a serious crime by the police.

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