Too/enough with Mr Bean

Разработка к уроку 3 в 7 классе (базовый уровень) по теме «Shopping»

Too/Enough Worksheet

Before watching
I. Make sure you know the words:

1. а suitcase
4. to break
2. а towel
5. to cut off
3. a toothbrush
6. toothpaste

II. Fill in the missing words
1. Mr. Bean has packed all his things into a …. .
2. Are you going to take a shower? Don’t forget to take a … with you.
3. Last summer my granny … her leg and spent two weeks in hospital.
4. Parents should teach their little children to clean teeth. A baby needs a special … and special … .
5. Linda … her beautiful long hair and looked like a boy.

While watching

III. Choose the correct variant.
1. The first suitcase is too small/big enough.
2. Mr Bean thinks he is going to take too many/not enough things with him.
3. Mr Bean’s shirts are too bright/bright enough.
4. The teddy bear is too small/small enough.
5. The second suitcase is too big/big enough.

After watching

IV. Watch the video again and match questions with answers.

1.   What is Mr Bean doing? a)     He’s got 5.
2.   Is his suitcase big enough? b)    No, it’s too small.
3.   Is he going to take enough things with him? c)     Yes, it is.
4.   Why doesn’t he take his towel? d)    It isn’t small enough.
5.   How many shirts has Mr Bean got? e)     He is packing his suitcase.
6.   Why does he break his toothbrush? f)      It’s too big.
7.   Does he take enough toothpaste? g)    No, he takes too little.
8.   Why does he cut off his trousers? h)    No, he doesn’t.
9.   Does he do anything with his teddy bear? i)       They are too big and too long.
10.   Is his second suitcase big enough? j)       No, he is going to take too many things.

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