Good friends are like stars. Form 9

Рабочий лист к Lesson 6 Unit 2 Form 9. Чтение и подготовка к монологическому высказыванию по прочитанному. Подготовка монологического высказывания из 10-15 предложений задаётся на дом. Рабочий лист направлен на снятие лексических трудностей.

Form 9 Unit 2 Lesson 6. Good friends are like stars

Предтекстовый этап

I. Read and translate:

secret – tell a secret, keep a secret, never tell someone a secret. Don’t let the cat out of the bag — а secret is a secret.

to gossip – gossip, turn into gossip. Don’t say anything that may turn into gossip.

to care – to care for, care for friends, care for each other. Best friends care for each other. Write your friend notes to show that you care.

to listen – a listener, to listen carefully, to be a good listener. It’s important to be a good listener. Nobody likes a friend who just talks but never listens.

together – spend time together, hang out together, do something together, bring people together. Laughing and smiling can bring people together.

to trust – trust each other. Make sure you trust each other and keep secrets.

to help – helpful, a helping hand, to lend a helping hand. Lending a helping hand to your friend doesn’t cost much.

II. Match the English words with their translation.

1.     trustworthy a.      звонить
2.    to turn into b.     больной
3.     to upset c.      превращаться
4.     sick d.     надёжный
5.     to call e.      ценить
6.     to appreciate f.       благодарный
7.     thankful g.     огорчать

III. Find the English equivalents in the text:

  1. когда бы ни —
  2. что-то —
  3. идти дальше (сменить тему) —
  4. перебивать —
  5. постоянно —
  6. просить совета –

IV. What do these expressions mean?

1.     every now and then a.      be available to provide help and support for someone
2.     be/live in each other’s pocket b.     sometimes, but not regularly
3.     share laughs c.      be with each other all the time and depend on each other
4.     be always there for someone d.     do enjoyable and funny activities together

Текстовый этап

V. Read the text of ex.2a pp. 37-38 and make a list of ideas of how to be a friend.

Послетекстовый этап

VI. Put the ideas in the order of importance.

  1. Never tell your friend’s secrets to anybody.
  2. Never gossip about your friend.
  3. Never do things that would upset your friend.
  4. Show your friend that you care for him/her.
  5. Listen to your friend carefully and be ready to give a piece of advice.
  6. Be yourself and trust each other.
  7. Be there for your friend ready to lend a helping hand.

VII. Imagine that you are a school psychologist. Make a speech for the students on how to be a good friend.

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