Very traditional Britain. Reading drills

Материалы для отработке лексики в 8 классе по теме «Британские дороги» раздел 6. Автор разработки — Котова Елена Александровна, г. Кобрин.

Автор пишет:

Добавилась лексика об устройстве автомобиля, о разных названиях дорог. В старых учебниках её не было. А таким образом, отработав чтение, больше остаётся уверенности в том, что она усвоится учениками 8-го класса.


Motorway – along the motorway, a new motorway. I like to drive my car along motorways. Yesterday  I  drove my  car on the motorway.

A lane – a sea lane, air lane,a traffic lane, a  three-lane motorway ,  a left lane,  a right lane, a country lane. His horse stumbled (споткнулась)  in a lane and fell with him.  The left lane is for  traffic only. It is the most exciting thing  going  for a walk along a  country line somewhere in the field.

Highwayalong the highway, fourlane highway. We were driving  along the highway at 7 .30 yesterday. It was the road which gave on to the highway.

A sign – to sign – a road sign. It was a bad sign. It was a good sign. Road signs lead the traffic out of the city. This morning the president has signed the new economic law.

A carriageway — a dual carriageway, a single carriageway. There are a lot of dual carriageways, and  single carriageways in  big cities.

A hedge – a green hedge, to cut a hedge. Yesterday my dad cut the hedge around our house.

Seat belts Fasten seat belts! It’s unsafe to drive without putting on seat belts. Driving without seat belts may soon be against the law. Were you wearing a seat belt?

An accelerator (a gas pedal)- to step on an accelerator.  She put her foot down on the accelerator pedal. When you press a car’s accelerator and the car goes faster.

A gear –to gear. a gear box,  the first gear, the second gear , a car with four forward gears .

A brake — to brake, a hand brake. I  had to brake suddenly when a cat ran in front of the car. Test your brakes after driving through water.

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