Lexical–Grammar Test. Travelling. 7 form

Lexical –Grammar Test. Travelling. 7 form

Task 1
Write the words

Task 2
Fill in if or when

1.___ you get up tomorrow.
2.___ she is busy on Friday.
3.___ the weather is fine.
4.____ they see the ocean.
5.____ the lessons finish.

Task 3
Choose the right preposition IN BY FOR

1.You need to go to Africa ___ sea.
2.Travelling __ plane is enjoyable.
3.There are two states __ Australia.
4.Belarus is famous ___ its beautiful nature.
5.There are 6 regions __ Belarus.

Task 4
Put the verbs into brackets into the correct tense form
1.If I (see) John, I (tell) him the news.
2.When he (come), we (go) to see his sister off.
3.When he (travel) by plane, he (get) airsick.
4.If I (see) him tomorrow, I (give) him his ticket.
5.When they (arrive), they (visit) their granny.

Автор разработки: Елена Александровна Котова, г. Кобрин

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