As busy as a bee. Lesson 8

Наша коллега Елена Котова из г. Кобрина делится разработкой для 6 класса.

Form 6. Unit 5. As busy as a bee. Lesson 8. Fun clean up.
Exercise 3a, page 132
Предтекстовый этап
Was found-была обнаружена
Junk- мусор
Dusty corner-пыльный угол

Task 1.
Complete the sentences
1. I can … my shoes.
A) clean B) toss C) eat
2. We painted it … and it looks … .
A) red, great B) green, lovely
3. I … a carpet.
A) have got B) don’t have any
4. Her clothes are… .
A) in the dresser B) under the bed C) everywhere
5. Her old books are … .
A) In the bookcase B) on the shelves C) in a dusty corner
6. Her cleaning day is … .
A) Monday B) Sunday C) Saturday

Task 2.
True or False
1. I hate my room.
2. Last winter we painted it.
3. There is a red desk in it.
4. I have got a poster of my favourite modern singer.
5. My clothes are around my room.
6. My cleaning day is Saturday.

Task 3.
Fill in the gaps (see ex . 3a, p.132)
Cleaning Everything Loves Cool Saturday Messy

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