Lexical dictations

Лексические диктанты? Когда-то были обычным делом, сейчас остаётся только мечтать: не успеваем проходить материал. Но дело хорошее, тем более, что одним выстрелом, со слов Елены Котовой, автора разработки, можно убить трёх зайцев.

Отправляю Вам еще один вид работы, который я использую. Это так называемые лексические диктанты. Я их разработала по отдельным разделам 6, 7, 8 классов. Диктую на английском, дети пишут на английском. Таким образом преследую 2 цели : развитие письма и навыка восприятия речи на слух. Потом вполне можно использовать в качестве топиков. Вот вам и контроль монологической речи) Т.е работа убивает сразу 3-х зайцев))

Form 7. Unit 3. Lexical Dictation. My friend

I have got a friend. We have been friends since we were babies. I think we have a lot in common, share good times and bad as well. We never fall out and call each other names.
I can say that my friend has a good character. He is not a couch potato, he is hard-working. He is not nosy, but he is a very talkative person. I like my friend because he is very kind-hearted and honest.
I think, my friend is the best friend.

Form 7. Unit 6. Lexical Dictation. My town

Kobrin is situated on the banks of the river Mukhavets. It was mentioned in 1287.

It suffered a lot in World War II. Then it was rebuilt . Today Kobrin is a picturesque town. I think it is worth visiting. There isn’t an exhibition centre in my town. There isn’t a fitness centre in it.There aren’t any skyscrapers and high-rise buildings there. But there are some places of interest in it. They are Suvorov’s Museum and Suvorov’s park.

Form 6. Unit 5. Lexical Dictation. Machines at home.

We have got a lot of machines at home.
A washing machine is for washing. An iron is for doing the ironing. A dishwasher is for washing the dishes. A fridge is for keeping the food. A cooker is for cooking the food. A vacuum cleaner is for tidying up.
I am good at sweeping the floor, laying the table, making the bed, doing the dusting.
I do not like any mess. I do everything to keep my house tidy.

Form 8. Unit 8. Lexical Dictation. Musical Instruments
There are a lot of musical instruments.
Wind instruments are a flute, a trumpet, a saxophone.
Keyboard instruments are an accordion, a synthesizer and a piano.
String instruments are a chello, a violin, a contrabass, a guitar.
Percussions are drums and triangles.
People can play them in an orchestra, a jazz band, a folk group and a pop group.
Some of them are used to play rock, hard rock, rap, techno, R@B. The others are used to play country, folk and classical music.

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