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Совместная работа учащихся 10 класса в моей редакции. Если слайд пустой — щёлкните по нему. Вообще я против анимации, если презентация предназначена для общего пользования, но мои ученики об этом не знали.

Answer the questions:

1. Where is your school situated?
2. Is your school new or old?
3. When was your school built?
4. What can you see when entering the school building?
5. Is there a gym in your school?
6. Is there a buffet in your dining room?
7. What’s the best place in your school?
8. Where can you see boards with photos, diplomas and paintings?
9. Where do you borrow books to get ready for your literature lessons? How does the library look like?
10. What can you hear in the school in the morning?
11. What colour are the walls on the second floor?
12. What is special about one of the walls on the second floor?
13. Has your school got a resource center?
14. The corridors of our school resemble an art gallery, don’t they?
15. What can you say about your English classroom?
16. What do you do to keep the school clean?
17. Are all classrooms well equipped?
18. Describe the outside of your school.
19. Does your school have traditions? What are they?
20. What do you think about the place where you study?


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