How are traditions broken?

Form 8. Unit 6. Lesson 2. How are traditions broken?

На данном уроке пойдет речь об  Olney pancake Race. Учащимся можно предложить просмотреть видео и выполнить следующие задания.

Task 1. Аnswer the questions:

  1. When did this tradition begin?
  2. Who can take part in this pancake race?
  3. What do they have to wear?
  4. Who won the pancake race in 2012?

Task 2. True or false:

  1. The Olney Pancake race is sponsored by LG.
  2. The community event features only in newspapers.
  3. Everybody enjoys
  4. The children of all ages compete there.
  5. The ladies of Olney get ready for the big race participants aged 18 to 50.
  6. 2012 winner was 20 year old.
  7. Her mother won the race three times.

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