Form 10. How Dolly was made

В учебнике для 10 класса при прохождении темы клонирования даётся текст для чтения на стр. 161. Читая текст, я обратила внимание на слово fuller, которое по контексту там не к месту, так как должно быть просто full. Мои поиски показали, что текст в учебнике адаптирован из другого источника и просто пропущено несколько предложений, причём, достаточно важных, чтобы вернуть их в этот контекст. В связи с этим полезно будет учителю и учащимся прочитать полную версию абзаца про Долли.

So how was Dolly made (if made is really the right word)?
Scientists at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland took an egg from a Scottish blackface ewe and removed the nucleus from it. This left them with an enucleated egg. The nucleus is the bit in the cell that has the animal’s DNA, which gives instructions as to how the cell should work.
The scientists also obtained a nucleus, which they got from a mammary gland cell of a Finn Dorset sheep. They then fused (joined) the enucleated egg and nucleus together by applying some electricity, which gave them an embryo. The embryo was put into the uterus of a blackface ewe and allowed to grow like any other unborn baby sheep on a farm. When Dolly was born there was an easy way to tell that she had different DNA to the blackface ewe that had given birth to her Dolly didn’t have a black face! They made a fuller check of Dolly and found that she was genetically the same as the Finn Dorset which ‘donated’ the nucleus. Dolly was therefore a clone.

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