Form 7.Home sweet home

Form 7. Unit 6. Home sweet home.

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Match the words with the pictures:

  1. A balcony
  2. A block of flats
  3. A chimney
  4. A cottage
  5. A fence
  6. A garage
  7. A roof
  8. Two-storeyed

A     B    C    D     E      F   G   H

Смотреть вариант с картинками на Google Drive

Exercise 2

Match the words and their definitions:

1.      a balcony a) a place for keeping cars
2.      a block of flats b) a large house with a lot of flats in it
3.      a chimney c) platform built on an outside wall of a building
4.      a cottage d) barrier made of wooden or metal stakes
5.      a fence e) small house especially in the country
6.      a garage f) top covering of a building, tent, bus, car
7.      a roof g) structure through which smoke from a fire is carried away

Exercise 3

Put the words into the right order and write down the sentences.

  1. is / There / a / chimney / white/ on / roof/ the.
  2. live / I/ a / cottage/ in / small.
  3. is/ There/ a/ our/ car/ garage/ in.
  4. a/ balcony/ It/ a/ is/ house/ with.
  5. is/ It/ two-storeyed/ a/building.
  6. yesterday/ We / painted/ the/ roof.

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