Form 7.Unit 7.Plans and Timetables

Form 7. Unit 7. Travelling to world capitals. Lesson 1. Plans and Timetables

Additional material

Exercise 1. Match the words with  their translation

1. a ticket A.  путешествие, поездка
2. on time B. регистрироваться
3. a flight C. прибывать
4. to catch D.  покидать, уезжать
5. to miss E.  упустить, пропустить
6. luggage F.  успеть, поймать
7. to arrive G.  вовремя
8. a journey H. багаж
9. to leave I.  билет
10. to check in J. полет, рейс

2. Exercise 2. Make  possible phrases

a long luggage
to take on time
heavy 2 hours
a ticket journey
to miss a bus
to come to  Minsk

3. Exercise 3. Make  sentences

  1. I / my/ house/ leave/ usually/ at/ o’clock/ one.
  2. The 12.45 / didn’t / arrive / train /on time / yesterday.
  3. Tom/ already/ has/ bought/ two/ tickets.
  4. Go/ the/ to/ check in.
  5. It/ the/ was/ interesting/ most/ journey.
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