Form 7. Unit 7. London sightseeing tour

Form 7. Unit 7. Lesson 3. London sightseeing tour.
Additional material

Exercise 1
Unscramble the words and translate them:

Isael east- 
Iwonwd east- 

Exercise 2
Choose the most suitable word or phrase.

1. Last Monday I ___________ one ticket to Sydney.
A) got on            B) booked            C) arrived
2. My brother wants to be a ______________ .
A) a couch         B) a guide             C) a ticket
3. If you are going to Kobrin you should ______ at the next stop.
A) sleep             B) get off               C) get on
4. My brother __________ his bike and rode away.
A) got on          B) got off                C) painted
5. There are a lot of __________ in this bus.
A) passengers   B) guides               C) drivers

Exercise 3
Translate from Russian into English.

1. Я люблю места у окна.
2. Закажи мне билет, пожалуйста.
3. Моя мама – экскурсовод.
4. Том не любит места у прохода.
5. Пассажиры вышли из автобуса.

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