Form 9.Unit 7.Leisure

Form 9. Unit 7. Leisure. Lesson 1

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1. Match the words with the pictures

  1. Yoga 2. Sewing 3. Aerobics 4. Embroidery 5. Leisure  6. Photography  7. Knitting   8. Scuba diving  9. Design

Exercise 2. Make possible phrases

1. to take A. bright ornament
2. to knit B. a denim dress
3. to sew C. modern houses
4. to design D. photos
5. to embroider E. a woolen sweater

Exercise 3. Complete the sentences

You need a needle for diving.
a camera for knitting.
an aqualang for designing.
long needles for sewing.
some creativity for taking photos.


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