Form 7.Unit 7.Lexical Test

Task 1

Translate the words:




Автобус междугороднего сообщения


Task 2

Match the antonyms:

1.Window seat        A. Leave
2.Arrive B. Driver
3.Passenger C.  Aisle seat
4.Get on D. Miss
5.Catch E. Get off

 Task 3

Match the synonyms:

1.Place of interest A.Tour
2.To book B.Baggage
3.Journey C.To reserve
4.Luggage D.Punctually
5.On time E.Landmark

Task 4

Choose the correct preposition:

1. Неr train arrives in / at / on 10 p.m.

2. He came to Moscow in / at / on time.

3.Travelling on / by / in hot air balloon is exciting.

4.My village is surrounded in / with / by forests and fields.

5.You should check on / in / by at a hotel.

Task 5

Make sentences:

1. Can / you/ get/ and / get/ on/ off/ the/ any/ bus/ at / stop.

2. Hate / I/ seats / aisle.

3. My / wants/ sister/ a/ guide/ be/ to.

4. Do / prefer/ you/ by/ coach/ travelling?

5. I / been/ have/ never/ a / guided/ on / before / tour.

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