Form 7.Unit 7.Lessons 5-7.Lexical Drills

По этому учебнику для 7 класса я работаю впервые, поэтому решила лексику трех уроков дать единым блоком. Сегодня мы ее разобрали, а завтра проверяем усвоение лексических единиц. Решила дать такие задания :

Exercise 1

Translate the words:

1. командировка










Exercise 2

Match two parts:

1.The Parliament A. Zoo
2. The National B. Institute of Sport
3. The Australian National C. House
4. The National Capital D. Botanical Gardens
5. The Australian E. Exhibition

Exercise 3

Fill in the suitable words:

1.The ____ House was opened in 1988.

2.The city of Canberra is the home of the ___ .

3.Would you like to go out?

-I’d love to,but I’m ___ .

4. Most of the ____ population live by fishing.

5. A trip that you make for a business is called a ___ .

6. An ____ is a detailed plan of any tour.

7. I ___ you will like Canberra.

8. We are going to ___ at a hotel.

9. ____ they will visit the National Zoo.

10.The___ for the tour is very busy.

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