Accommodation, Card 17

✔Accommodation Card 17 (по ситуации №4 из Материалов по подготовке к экзамену)

1. What types of houses do the British people live in? Houses are an important part of British life. To my mind there is no other nation that is so fond of houses. I`d like to tell you about different types of housing the British live in.

The first type is a detached house. A detached house is one that is not joined to any other house. Many British people think that a detached house is the best type of house to have. Such houses have privacy from neighbours, they are ideal for keen gardeners and big families with children.

The second type of houses is a semi-detached house. A semi-detached house is joined to another house on one side. A house of this kind is less expensive than a detached house, but still offers a goods standard of privacy and comfort.

 The third type of houses is a terraced house. It is one of a continuous row of similar houses, joined together by their side walls. This kind of houses is usually small.

The next type is blocks of flats. Blocks of flats provide accommodation for a lot of city dwellers. But these buildings are not very popular. Only about 20% of the population live in flats.

Then there are cottages. A cottage is a small house, especially an old one in the country. These are often thought of in a very romantic way as being cozy and safe, and having a thatched roof and roses round the door.

The next type of houses is bungalows. Bungalows are one-storied houses which are particularly popular with older people. They don`t have to cope with stairs and so on.

In conclusion I would like to add that British homes reflect the British national character and help us to understand this nation better.

2. Do we have the same types of houses in Belarus? No, we don’t. The variety of types of houses in Belarus is smaller.  People in urban areas of Belarus live in blocks of flats and in the country people live in cottages. In agro-towns people live both in cottages and in blocks of flats.
3. Your family is going to move into a new house/flat. What questions will you ask your parents about your new house/flat?
  1. What’s our new flat like?
  2. How many rooms are there in the flat?
  3. What floor is it on?
  4. Is there a lift in the block of flats?
4. Your cousin is going to share a room with another student in a hostel. Give him/ her some advice on how to get on with his/her roommate. Sharing your place with another person is never easy. Remember, that no one is perfect. Be flexible and ready to compromise.
5. What does your ideal house look like? When I think of my ideal house, I imagine a cottage in the suburbs. There are two floors in it. It is spacious and catches a lot of sunshine. In front of the house I have a small garden with different flowers. I also have a garage for my car. Inside the house there are six room for all the family. There is a big living-room with a comfortable sofa downstairs. The bedrooms are upstairs. My bathroom is very good-looking: the walls are tiled, the washbasin and the toilet are my favourite colours. My kitchen has all modern appliances. It is always pleasant to cook in it, have breakfast and welcome guests. My house is so nice that it makes me think “There is no place like home”.
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