Family, Card 9

Family, Card №9 [по ситуации 2 из Материалов для подготовки к экзамену] 

Билет №9 [2] Family
1. What does your immediate family mean to you? My home is the best place in the world for me and my family are the dearest people for me. I’m happy to have a close and friendly family. In my family I can speak freely about my problems, share my joys and sorrows with my parents and with my sisters. I can say that my family is an emotional centre of my life. My family members never ignore me; I always get support and understanding from my family. I can’t live without my family’s help and respect. I understand that my family members also need my attention and support. So I, in my turn, love and respect my family and try to obey my parents.

I have no doubt that family is very important so its members should do their best to keep it going.   

2. Are there any family traditions that you follow?
  1. Yes, there are. We usually celebrate family holidays together and it’s a tradition in our family to have dinner together and chat about the events of the day.
  2. Unfortunately, there aren’t but I’d like we have some. Family traditions are very important as they create specific memories which form our personality when we grow up.  
3. What questions will you ask a British teenager about his/her extended family?
  • Have you got any cousins or nephews?
  • Do your grandparents live with you?
  • How old are your grandparents?
  • What traditions have you got in your family?
4. What can you advise people who want to have a close and happy family? If you want to have a close and happy family, support, love and respect your family members, avoid quarrels, sort out problems together and be willing to compromise.
5. They say that parents and children have difficulties understanding each other because of the generation gap. What do you think about it? I think, the talk about the generation gap is exaggerated. Of course, there is some misunderstanding between generations and always was. To my mind, this is because people don’t try to understand each other. They don’t talk over their problems, hurt each other’s feelings and then find an excuse in a generation gap.
  1. immediate — nuclear, children and parents
  2. keep going — to continue to do something although it is difficult
  3. extended family — a family group which includes relatives such as uncles, aunts, and grandparents, as well as parents, children, and brothers and sisters
  4. exaggerate — to represent something as being larger or greater than it actually is

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