Science and modern technologies. Card 6


1. Tell me about the latest scientific achievements and discoveries. 1. I’d like to highlight some of the latest achievements in technology connected with space and genetics made in 2017.

2. First of all, it’s reusable rockets. Reusable rockets aim at cutting down the cost of space travel.

3. Everyone knows that some time ago, NASA launched a Space Shuttle called Discovery.

4. In 2017 another great thing happened: a new reusable rocket Falcon 7 was launched by SpaceX team.

5. We are all interested if there is life on other planets.

6. In 2017 seven new Earth-like planets in a remote star system were discovered.

7. A very interesting discovery was made in Portland, Oregon, where researchers successfully edited a one-cell human embryo.

8. It means that we will be able to cure heritable diseases or defective genes in the future.

9. I think that scientific achievements are very important.

10. Our life depends a lot on them.

2. Do you want to be a scientist? Personally I have never thought of being a scientist. It’s not my cup of tea. To be a scientist means to devote your whole life to science. I think I am not ready for this way of life. And I haven’t got passion for it. ​
3. What questions will you ask a most outstanding scientist?
  1. How do you generate new ideas?
  2. Have you made any discoveries?
  3. Do you prefer to work alone or in a group of scientists?
  4. ​What devices do you use in your research work?
4. My niece is not very good at science. Give her a piece of advice on how to achieve better results. Probably, it will be useful for her to read some popular information on Physics or Chemistry. Maybe, she will be able to find something unusual that will motivate her.
5. People are becoming more dependent on high-tech devices. Is it good or bad? On the one hand, high-tech devices are useful, they make people’s lives easier. On the other hand, some things can only be done with a device. I think, people have to be careful and not to overuse devices. They should remember that there are  things they can do themselves.
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