Form 9. Unit 8. Lesson 1-2.Grammar Test

Form 9. Unit 8.Lesson 1-2. Article with inventions and means of communication.

Short grammar test

Fill in a/ an/ the

1.I usually watch __ television in the afternoon.

2.Our television set isn’t modern enough, I’d like to buy _ new television.

3.Can you switch off_ television?

4.Please, turn_ radio. They are going to speak about forecast.

5.People communicate over_ telephone.

6.I like listening to _ radio while tidying up.

7.A modem allows a computer to send and receive information by_ telephone.

8.We heard a lot of heatwave warnings on _ radio.

9.She’s been on_ telephone for the last 20 minutes.

10.We get hundreds of messages by_ radio.

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