The Mass Media, Card 11

№ 11 The mass media (по ситуации АПО)

1) Let’s talk about the mass media. What is implied under the term «mass media»? When we speak about the mass media we usually mean newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet which use different technologies to communicate with large numbers of people.  Every day a huge amount of information is given by newspaper articles, TV news and the radio. It is evident that the mass media has become an essential part of everyone’s life. They inform, educate and entertain people. But we should remember that we are the main target of the mass media. It is a huge industry, which spends millions, even billions of dollars to win our hearts and minds, and to influence our choices towards their products and ideas. So every time we switch on TV, the radio, or open a newspaper we have to remember not to be naive. We should learn how to choose between different sources of information, in other words we should be selective.
2) Do you agree that thanks to mass media the whole world has become a «global village»? Prove your point of view. The term “global village” describes the world in which people use modern electronic media to stay connected. Thanks to such mass media as the email, the Internet, different messengers and social networks people are able to communicate quickly and easily. They can also get the latest news in no time.
3) Ask me about the mass media I prefer and their role in my life. -Which mass media do you prefer: radio, television, newspapers or the Internet?

— Can you imagine your life without the Internet?

-Which newspapers do you subscribe to?

— Where do you get information from?

4) Convince me that a mobile is a necessity for every teenager. A mobile is a device every teenager must have. It has dozens of useful functions for communication, studying and entertainment. With the mobile you can keep in touch with your friends and family, surf the Internet and get information. You can use it as a watch, an alarm-clock or a calculator. You can use it as a reader, a navigator or you can simply entertain yourself by listening to music, watching videos or playing games.
5) Explain why many people say that newspapers, radio and TV will lose their popularity and importance soon. I think this is because of the Internet which is “three in one”. When I want to read the daily news, I go online. When I want to listen to music or watch a new film, I turn on my computer. Still there are places where the Internet is not available and where people, I guess, continue using traditional mass media.
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