My School

I live in Uritskoye, a big village not far from Gomel, and go to a village school. The school was built in 1989. It’s a modern three-storied building which can hold more than 1000 pupils.
Ground floor
The first thing you see when entering the school building is a beautiful long corridor with cloak rooms where we leave our coats and jackets.
Marina Vasilyevna Belko is the principal of our school. She is a teacher of Maths. The principal’s room is on the ground floor.
On the ground floor there is also a gym. In the gym we have our PE lessons, play volleyball and basketball.
Next to the gym you can see a comfortable dining room with a buffet. We usually buy buns there.
Most of all we like to spend our free time in the assembly hall, preparing for school parties, reciting poems, singing and dancing. The assembly hall is very big and cozy. We have good musical instruments and a piano there. The assembly hall is the best place to show your talents and communicate with friends.
First floor
On the first floor you can see boards with photos of the best pupils of our school, diplomas and paintings. On this floor there is a library, a teacher’s room and a lot of classrooms for different subjects. The corridors of the first floor are light and spacious.
The floor is divided into 2 blocks: a block for junior pupils and a block for senior pupils. Every morning one can hear the sounds of music in the junior block. It means the kids are being engaged in doing their morning exercises.
Second floor
Our second floor is painted green. It consists of 2 blocks: a block for junior pupils and a block for senior pupils. Study 3-4 on the second floor is our school resource center, it’s the place where computer technology helps pupils to explore the world.
Our school is green: there are a lot of flowers everywhere. Our corridors resemble an art gallery, because there are so many pictures in the school. We try to keep our school clean. We take care of the classrooms, furniture, corridors and flowers.
I love my school, my classmates and my teachers. I think I will miss my school after leaving it.

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