Form 7. Terra Australis incognita

Form 7. Unit 8. Lesson 3. Terra Australis incognita

Exercise 1

Match the words and the pictures:

1.Holy 2.Land 3.A rock  4.Central   5.The sky   6. Flat   7.A star

8.A coast  9.Landscape

A    B   C   D     E    F   G      H      I

Exercise 2

Fill in the suitable words:

1.There are a lot of __ on the ___ .

2.There is a very special place in ___ Australia. Native Australians believe it is ___.

3.Our Belarussian ___ is attractive and amusing.

4.The centre of Australia is very ____ . And my country is ___ too.

5.People live mostly along the ____ in Australia.

6.Australia is a __ of grey and red kangaroos.

7.There aren’t a lot of ___ in Belarus.

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