Form 7. Lesson 4. Passport to Australia

Form 7. Unit 8. Lesson 4. Passport to Australia

Additional material

Exercise 1

Match the words and the pictures:

  1. cattle; 2) mining; 3) wheat; 4) a state; 5) oil; 6) wool

Ссылка на вариант с картинками


Exercise 2

Make the possible phrases:

wheat fishing
marine growing
gold mining
divided into minerals
production of six regions

Exercise 3

True or false

( after exercise 2, page 65 in Workbook )

  1. Australia is an island, a country and a continent.
  2. The capital of the country is Sydney.
  3. Australia is divided into 2 states and 6 territories.
  4. It isn’t famous for wool production.
  5. January is the warmest month in Australia.
  6. It is famous for cattle farming.
  7. The country is known for its marine fishing.
  8. Australia is a part of Oceania.
  9. Most people in this country speak French.



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