Form 9. Advantages and disadvantages of television

Монологическое высказывание на базе упражнения 2b стр. 217.

1. Television has changed the world greatly.
2. The possibilities of television are amazing.
3. Though each invention has its pros and cons.
4. The first advantage/One of the advantages of television is that it gives us information, which is everything.
5. Then, television can play the leading role in forming the personality.
6. Besides, education is one of the primary functions of television.
7. Television also entertains us.
8. Television has disadvantages, too.
9. There is a lot of violence and aggression-promoting programmes on TV.
10. Television can cause addiction if you watch it all day long/too much of it.
11. What is more, teenagers can’t tell the facts from fiction, which is very dangerous for their mental health.
12. To sum it up, television is a very important invention.
13. It’s not television itself that is good or bad, but how we use it.

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