Form 9. Unit 8. Final Grammar Test

Form 9. Unit 8. Grammar Test

Task 1

Use  un-, in-, or im- to form negative adjectives

1. efficient-

2. mature-

3. reliable-

4. possible-

5. real-

Task 2

Fill in Who, What, Whose, Which, Where, When or That

1. The man … is riding a motorbike is my uncle.

2. She was singing a song … was very touching.

3. The hospital … she works is far from her house.

4. Do you know the woman … car we saw two days ago?

5. My granny likes speaking about the times … she was young.

Task 3

Fill in the necessary article

1. __ telephone was invented by A. Bell.

2. What is on _ TV tonight?

3.Teenagers rarely watch __ television nowadays.

4.__ Internet is for searching the information.

5.__ portable telephone that uses wireless cellular technology is called _ cellphone.

Task 4

Translate the sentences

1. Компьютер — это электронное устройство.

2.  Я получаю электронную почту и сообщения каждый день.

3. Современные технологии делают жизнь интереснее.

4. Ты можешь создать(create) свой блог в интернете?

5. Teбе следует смотреть телевизор в разумных пределах.

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