Form 9. The era of mobile phones

Form 9. The era of mobile phones

Reading Drills

A cord- cords; a very long cord, a very short cord; to cut a cord, to repair a telephone cord. Every electrical equipment has a cord to be connected to an electrical supply or other equipment.

To dial-dialed-dialed; a dial- dials; to dial the number.  When I feel alone, I dial my friend’s number and call her. In case of fire you should dial 101 immediately!

To eavesdrop-eavesdropped.  I don’t like  eavesdropping. I don’t like to be eavesdropped either. My parents never eavesdrop on my conversations.

To interrupt-interrupted. Don’t interrupt me, please! He was interrupted by a sudden noise. We were listening to Liz attentively and didn’t  interrupt her.

An option-options; a good option -a bad option; a correct option — a wrong option. I had no option but to dial her. I have no option. What is better to buy a tablet or a laptop? —  It is your own option.

To avoid — avoided; to avoid generation gap; to avoid conflicts; to avoid rude communication.  Healthy food helps you to avoid obesity. The Internet helps us to avoid boredom.

A fad- fads; a passing fad. The Internet is not a fad, it is a real necessity. She’s always interested in the latest fads. When mobile phones appeared , we thought they were just a passing fad.

A right- rights; a right hand, a right leg; a right option.  What is the right time? Do you feel all right? Knowing the truth is her right. The right to life is the most important of human rights.

A peer-peers; my peers, my dad’s peers. Teenagers usually spend time with their peer groups. Acceptance by their peer group is important to most youngers.

Could/can  not help- I could not help hearing their conversation. I can’t help thinking about my exams. I can’t help using my tablet PC.

landline-a landline phone; a phone that is connected to the phone system by wires. He has a landline phone. Nobody is picking up the landline.

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