Card 11. What role does the Internet play in your life?

Card 11. Let’s talk about mass media.

1.What role does the Internet play in your life?

I would say the Internet is an essential part of my life. For me it’s a means of communication, education and entertainment. No one can live without communication with other people. But today people don’t need a personal contact to communicate. The Internet has made the distances between people unimportant. While sitting at home I can come in touch with any friend who is hundreds kilometres away from me.

If I have a problem with my studies and can’t find the solution the Internet is there to help me. I can find necessary information for my lessons and read a book on-line. It’s a great resource for learning foreign languages as well. I can improve my listening, reading, grammar skills etc.

And, of course, after hard work or a difficult day I can watch a funny video and relax.

Personally I can’t live without the Internet. I chat with virtual friends, download music, do my homework, watch films and buy things. So the Internet is a part of my life.

2. Are all mass media means popular among your classmates? Why or why not?

Nowadays mass media TV, radio, press and the Internet play a very important role in people’s life. These sources not only entertain but also educate and inform us about what’s going on in the world. They influence the way we see the events and form our world outlook.

As I’ve already said my favourite means of communication is the Internet. I believe my classmates think the same. It represents all sources in one and that is its main advantage. We go on-line if we want to read daily news or articles that interest me. I address the Internet and my mobile if I want to listen to the radio or watch a film. So do my classmates. I can find any information in the Net.

3. What questions will you ask a British teenager about the magazine article he/she has recently read?

  • What is the article about?
  • Was it interesting?
  • What new information have you learnt?
  • Why do you think this article useful?
  • Did you discuss it with your family?
  • Will you recommend your friends to read this article?

4. Unfortunately, I have little time to surf the Net. Which sites will you advise me to visit first of all?

  • I believe it all depends on your interests and tastes.
  • If you want to get the news, weather forecast or just chat, go to “”.
  • If you want to download or listen to music, visit “”.
  • If you are interested in travelling, you will find necessary information and photos on “National Geographic”.
  • If you want to improve your English, go to the educational sites like English4kids, Chocolate Learning or It’s all your choice. You choose!

5. Can the Internet replace all the other means of mass media? What do you think about it?

Maybe it will in future. But nowadays there are still millions of people who learn the latest news from the newspapers, television and radio. All these have their own advantages. Besides not all elderly people can work on the computer and use the Internet. They prefer watching TV and reading newspapers.  But in our fast changing world nobody could predict what will happen to the world even in 5 years’ time. That’s why I would be very careful in predicting the future.

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