Card 12. Reading Exercises



1. Match the synonyms (0,4) 

1.   a great deal

2.   graduate from

3.   nurse

4.   fascination

5.   odd

a)     случайный

b)    медицинская сестра

c)     увлечение

d)    заканчивать

e)     много

 2. Say whether the sentences are TRUE or FALSE

  1. Amelia was a poor pupil.
  2. Amelia took part in the World War II.
  3. She saved money to buy her own plane.
  4. In 1928 she flew the plane across the Atlantic from Canada to Britain.
  5. In 1932 she broke several records crossing the Atlantic.

3. Fill in the gaps from the box. One word is extra.

formed    nursing     crossed      graduated from      the respect      female
  1. Amelia Earhart is the most famous ……… pilot.
  2. After graduating from school she studied ……… .
  3. She  …………… a new women pilots’ organization.
  4. Amelia …….the Atlantic alone in 1932.
  5. She earned ………. for women pilots all over the world.

4. Answer the questions

  1. Where was Amelia Earhart from?
  2. Did she get a good education?
  3. How did Amelia get interested in flying?
  4. What invitation did Amelia receive one day?
  5. Why did Amelia become famous?

5. Write 2-4 sentences what the text is about.

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