Card 12. What are your favourite Internet sites?

Card 12

Let’s talk about mass media.

1.What are your favourite Internet sites? What kind of information do you find there?

Truly speaking I’ve got several sites I visit most often.

I often address to “VK”  where I can chat with my friends, listen to my favourite music, watch videos, learn the news, find information / help / improve my knowledge on the subjects I study at school such as Mathematics, History, …

I can find useful information about rules and tests for the Central Testing on “….”

When I want to get the news, weather forecast or just chat, I go to “”.

If I want to download or listen to music, I visit “”.

If I want to master my knowledge in Maths or Physics, I go to the educational sites like MOIRO

I can watch the latest movies without leaving my room on “…”.

But my favourite is “…”

There I can …

2. Are all means of communication really effective? Why or why not?

When we speak about communication we usually mean the process by which people communicate with each other or get some information. We can get information from newspapers, radio, television; from the people we know: parents, friends, acquaintances.

Most often I and my friends talk and I exchange the information we need on the mobile.

As for the news and necessary information … For me the main resource is the Internet. I’ve got the access through my mobile (phone). At any moment I can learn what’s happening in the world and share the news with my friends wherever I am and whenever I want.

I don’t listen to the radio and I don’t watch TV much. Though my parents do.

As for the newspapers I think they can’t follow the news as quickly as it comes. But my grandparents subscribe to «RESPUBLIKA» for many years and aren’t going to stop it.

If to speak about television … I think it’s just a way of relaxing and entertaining. I mostly watch ……-s.  , or …………..-s  on TV.

So I believe nowadays the most effective means of communication is the mobile phone with the access to the Internet where you can find news, information and new friends.

3. Your British friend wants to become a journalist. What questions will you ask him/her?

I would ask such questions:

  • Why did you decide to be a journalist?
  • Have you ever published any articles in newspapers or magazines?
  • What problems would you like to describe?
  • Would you like to go to “hot points” or speak about interior / home problems?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this job?

4. Give advice to your British friend who learns Belarusian and wants to read Belarusians news every day.

Belarus is a little spot on the map of Europe. But it’s still in the middle of European crossroads. And Belarusian mass media are responsible for the impression the world has about our country.

I would recommend a British friend to subscribe to our national newspapers like “BELARUS SEGODNYA” or “RESPUBLIKA”

Besides he could learn news about Belarus from the site TUT.BY.

As far as learning the Belarusian language is concerned he can find rules and exercises on “50 languages” and “”

5. Do you think newspapers will disappear in twenty years’ time? Why or why not?

I believe most of them will. Each mass medium has its own advantages and disadvantages. As for me I can read all newspapers on the Internet. I can do it using either my mobile or the computer.  But of course our parents and grandparents prefer to read newspapers. They say there’s nothing like the smell of paper and the rustle of pages. Besides you can’t always find local news in the Internet. But still in our fast changing world nobody could predict what will happen to the world even in 5 years’ time. That’s why I would be very careful in predicting the future.

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