Card 2. The system of education in Belarus

Card 2

Let’s talk about education

2.Tell me about the system of education in Belarus.

We can say that Belarus has developed its own system of education. Scientific and intellectual potential is the main strategic resource of Belarus. The republic guarantees its citizens the right to universal secondary education and creates means for further professional education. It tries to pay much attention to common human values, developing independent critical thinking instead of simple perception of information.  

       In Belarus there are 4 stages of education: preschool education, primary school education, secondary school education, and higher education. Primary and secondary school education is compulsory. All in all it last 11 years. Children come to school at the age of 6 or 7. School year begins on September 1st and ends at the end of May. It’s divided into 4 terms. At the end of each term pupils have holidays.

The basic goal of school is to provide pupils with knowledge of particular subjects: Russian and Belarusian Language and Literature, Maths, a foreign language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, IT, PE.

After the 9th form pupils can either enter a college or lyceum or continue education at school.

To receive the Certificate of Secondary Education pupils have to take 4 compulsory exams in Russian or Belarusian Language, Mathematics, History of Belarus and Foreign Language. After graduation from secondary school pupils usually take part in the Centralized Testing the results of which afford them to enter a higher educational establishment or to get a profession at college.

The main principles of the educational system in Belarus are the priority of human values, national culture as the basis of education, humanism, sense of ecological purpose, scientific basis, support of gifted children and others.

2. Do you like your school? Why or why not?

     Of course, yes.  I like my school very much. Happiness, sadness and other emotions, or even love sick, we all can find in our school time. That’s why school life is the best time in human life. During this time, we develop many things like physical development, emotions, relationships, and especially knowledge. Various subjects are studied at school. So we have a great variety of things to choose for our future interest in our professional life.

Our school provides children not only with knowledge. It’s also a place where we spend our free time. There are many amateur groups or circles and sport sections in my school. Special teachers help children to develop their creative abilities either in sport sections, a school choir or theatre, or to improve English after classes. Ecology and tourism are also very popular today. So, schoolchildren can also be engaged in these activities.

 Going to school also means you will have a lot of friends. There is nothing better than belonging to a great group of friends and nothing worse than feeling like an outcast. Friends are important. They are shoulders for you to cry on when you are sad or happy so your sadness will be less, and your happiness will be twice.

Talking about school time, you can never forget the time you share your sweet dreams to your friends, and they tell you theirs; the time you have fun with them playing on the school yard or going shopping or even playing truant together! … No matter how good or bad those memories are, school time is still unforgettable with sweet friendship and platonic love. Going to school also means you will have new family, new moms who teach you many things about life.

School is our second home. No one can ever forget it.  I think I will never forget my school, teachers, classmates and our school traditions.

3. Ask me about education in Canada.

  • At what age do schoolchildren start school in Canada?
  • How many grades do they have?
  • How many terms and vacations is the school year divided into?
  • What are compulsory subjects?
  • Do they have to do hometasks?
  • What exams do they pass?

4. What advice can you give me on how to prepare for exams well?

First of all I think you should

  • be hard-working and self-organized and make an effort every day.
  • make notes while studying; Surely these notes will help you in the last minute revision and save you time than going through all the pages in the text book.
  • develop your skills in the subjects you are to pass every possible minute.
  • master your knowledge and remember that practice makes perfect.

And I’d like to wish you good luck at your exams .

5. If you were the Minister of Education in Belarus, what would you change in our school system?

If I were the Minister of Education in Belarus I would cancel homework. Pupils must learn at school.In my opinion only some creative work may be done at home. Moreover I would punish the teachers who would give any additional homework to pupils.

I would give students at higher grades an opportunity to choose the subjects they want to study. Personally I feel pity to the time I’ve wasted on economical geography or chemical formula I’ll never need in future.

I’d provide school and pupils with modern equipment like  e-books, smart boards,laser pointers. I’m absolutely sure it would make the process of learning more enjoyable and  efficient.

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